• Zup Boarding

    Zup boarding is a mild thriller adventure that can be enjoyed with you family friends. The Zup board can be a fun way to surf on any way standing, kneeling or even lying over it. Thrillophilia tours in Dubai provides with a tour package to indulge you in Zup Boarding from 10AM till sunset with ...
  • Jetpack Ride

    Criteria,Features and timing for X-Jet Pack Ride in Dubai Move over water like a Super Hero elevated above the waves to a height of 45 feet. X-Jet pack ride is nothing but an advanced fly boarding. Cobone in Dubai offers X-Jet Pack, where your shoulders will be fastened to horse pump that lets out water ...
  • Wakeboarding

    Xtremewake UAE in Dubai has the extreme thriller water ride of Wake Boarding. You can wake board all along the warm water of Dubai until you hit the wake and get flat to land. This water adventure is for real adventure seekers who love to compete with water and boat speed. Criteria for Wake Boarding ...