• Free Parking Hours for Ramadan: Here is Where and When You can Park for Free

    Parking fees waived off during iftar throughout Ramadan. With Ramadan, come virtues and blessings in abundance for all! And with lots of socializing, praying and shopping going around, the UAE government has relaxed several rules for Ramadan. Along with decreasing working hours and mandatory discounts for retailers, there’s another great value for Abu Dhabi residents; ...
  • Ramadan 2019: Best Iftars in Abu Dhabi

    From traditional iftars at the city’s Middle Eastern restaurants to set menus and lavish buffets at high-end eateries, here what’s on offer this Ramadan in the capital. While Abu Dhabi has multiple options for those who want to experience a traditional iftar in terms of food, ambience and music, as well as a host of ...