• Straight Outta Compton (2015)

    The group NWA emerges from the mean streets of Compton in Los Angeles, California, in the mid-1980s and revolutionizes Hip Hop culture with their music and tales about life in the hood. Starring: O’Shea Jackson Jr., Corey Hawkins, Jason Mitchell IMDB Rating: 8.2/10 Language: English Trailer: Director: F. Gary Gray UAE Release Date: 01 Oct 2015 ...
  • Ricki and the Flash (2015)

    A musician who gave up everything for her dream of rock-and-roll stardom returns home, looking to make things right with her family. Starring: Meryl Streep, Kevin Kline, Mamie Gummer IMDB Rating: 6.1/10 Language: English Trailer: Director: Jonathan Demme UAE Release Date: 3 Sep 2015 Genres:  Comedy, Drama, Music Run Time: 101 mins Screens at Abu Dhabi: ...
  • We are your Friends (2015)

    Caught between a forbidden romance and the expectations of his friends, aspiring DJ Cole Carter attempts to find the path in life that leads to fame and fortune.. Starring: Zac Efron, Wes Bentley, Emily Ratajkowski IMDB Rating: 5.4/10 Language: English Trailer: Director: Max Joseph UAE Release Date: 27 Aug 2015 Genres: Drama, Music, Romanc Run Time: 96 ...
  • Love & Mercy (2015)

      In the 1960s, Beach Boys leader Brian Wilson struggles with emerging psychosis as he attempts to craft his avant-garde pop masterpiece. In the 1980s, he is a broken, confused man under the 24-hour watch of shady therapist Dr. Eugene Landy. Starring: John Cusack, Paul Dano, Elizabeth Banks IMDB Rating: 7.9/10 Language: English Trailer: Director: ...
  • Danny Collins (2015)

    An aging rock star decides to change his life when he discovers a 40-year-old letter written to him by John Lennon. IMDB Rating: 7.4/10 Starring: Al Pacino, Annette Bening, Jennifer Garner Language: English Director: Dan Fogelman UAE Release Date: May 21st, 2015 Genres: Comedy, Drama, Music Filming Location: USA Run Time: 106 mins Screens at Abu ...
  • Pitch Perfect 2 (2015)

    The Bella’s are back, and they are better than ever. After being humiliated infront of none other than the President of the United States of America, the Bella’s are taken out of the Aca-Circuit. In order to clear their name, and regain their status, the Bella’s take on a seemingly impossible task: winning an International ...