• Abu Dhabi City Municipality said it is adding new facilities at the beaches

    1.5m People Visit Abu Dhabi Beaches – Abu Dhabi City Municipality Beaches here have received more than 1.525 million visitors since the start of this year with Corniche Beach receiving 1.154 million visitors and Al Bateen 370,000, Abu Dhabi City Municipality said in a press release. The civic body has introduced a raft of new ...
  • Abu Dhabi municipality officials pay sick children a visit

    Children at Rahba Hospital in Al Shahama were the recipients of gifts and goodwill after a recent visit from a delegation of government officials. During their visit, representatives from the Abu Dhabi City Municipality, Shahama Municipal Center, also offered the children prayers for an early recovery and return to their families. As part of the ...
  • Abu Dhabi municipality will install speed humps, crossings near schools

    Streets near Abu Dhabi schools will soon be made safer thanks to a road works project by the municipality. Elevated pedestrian crossings and speed humps, as well as red surface-markings on roads, will be installed around schools as part of the Schools Traffic Safety project to ensure motorists drive slower and pay greater attention in ...
  • 13 Abu Dhabi salons fined  for cleanliness violation

    Men’s hair salons in Baniyas and Al Ghabat have been fined for not following Abu Dhabi Municipality’s health regulations. Thirteen salons were given warnings and penalties after the municipality carried out inspections to make sure its standards were being followed. “During the campaign 53 hair-cutting salons in the Baniyas East and Al Ghabat area were ...
  • 17,000 new street signs in Abu Dhabi over the next year

    The implementation of the emirate’s new addressing system has seen all main roads in the capital featuring names of historical and cultural significance. Having marked these with blue and purple signs, the Municipality of Abu Dhabi City is now working to set up new street names for internal streets. In addition, as part of the ...