• How to transfer money from an Indian bank account?

    How to transfer money from an Indian bank account? Transferring or repatriating money from an Indian bank account to your international or NRE account is now easy if one follows some simple guidelines mentioned below. In a nutshell one can transfer or remit funds from NRO to NRE bank accounts from India to abroad or you can ...
  • NRI's guide to buying property in India

    Now, there is such a thing as an NRI loan. The only difference between a normal loan and an NRI loan is that an NRI loan is provided to NRIs living outside of India. NRIs can apply for business and house loans in India. Many NRIs now-a-days are working to purchase property in India so ...
  • How to open a bank account in India from abroad

    For all those who are residing outside the borders of the India, opening an NRI bank account from outside of India is nowadays very easy and convenient. One can open and use an account of any bank in India. The efficiency of the internet banking over the last decade has made this venture possible. With ...
  • How can a NRI benefit from life insurance policy?

    Life insurance has remained one of the most favorite instruments of investment in India. Since the demand is so high, there are a number of policies to cater to various needs. Most people in India who dabble in investments hold at least one and very often more number of life insurance policies. So, the question ...