• Parchi 2018 - Urdu Movie in Abu Dhabi

    PG15 A group of friends find themselves in trouble when one receives a chit from the gangster that he owes money to. Starring: Hareem Farooq, Ahmed Ali Akbar, Ali Rehman Khan IMDB Rating: 7.0 Trailer: Director: Azfar Jafri UAE Release Date: 01 March 2018 Genres: Action, Comedy, Crime Run Time: 2h 15min Movie showtimes for “Parchi 2018” ...
  • Janaan 2016 - Urdu Movie in Abu Dhabi

    Starring: Hania Aamir, Saad Zia Abbasi, Bilal Ashraf IMDB Rating: New Trailor: Director: Azfar Jafri UAE Release Date: 8th September Genres: Drama, Musical, Romance Run Time: 2h 13min Movie showtimes for “Janaan 2016” in Abu Dhabi: