• Orayiram Kinakkalal 2018 - Malayalam Movie in Abu Dhabi

    PG13 Sreeram, an ex NRI, with few other people, gets involved in an easy money-making plan. In this unusual ride, each one ends up showing different shades of their personality, revealing how far they are willing to go to fulfill their dreams. Starring: Biju Menon, Roshan Mathew, Sharu Varghese IMDB Rating: 7.4 Trailer: Director: Pramod Mohan UAE ...
  • Lavakusha 2017 - Malayalam Movie in Abu Dhabi

    PG13 The movie revolves around two happy-go-lucky friends, Lavan and Kushan. Things take a turn when they are approached by a mysterious guy and girl, who influence their lives in various ways. Starring: Biju Menon, Neeraj Madhav, Aju Varghese  IMDB Rating: 7.0 Trailer: Director: Gireesh Mano UAE Release Date: 30 Nov 2017 Genres: Comedy Run Time: 2h ...
  • Sherlock Toms 2017 - Malayalam Movie in Abu Dhabi

    PG13 An ardent fan of Sherlock Holmes from childhood, Thomas tries his best to solve issues like Sherlock Holmes. Thomas without losing his Sherlock Holmes instinct starts applying it in his line of work unveiling a major crime. Starring: Mia George, Srinda Ashab, Biju Menon IMDB Rating: 6.6 Trailer: Director: Shafi UAE Release Date: 09 Nov 2017 ...
  • Lakshyam 2017 - Malayalam Movie in Abu Dhabi

    PG13 This film focuses on two people, an IT professional and a person from the slums. The story progresses with their journey from Peermade to Eranakulam as convicts. Starring: Indrajith Sukumaran, Biju Menon, Shivada Nair IMDB Rating: 7.1 Trailer: Director: Anzar Khan UAE Release Date: 29th June 17 Genres: Action, Adventure, Thriller Run Time: 2h 0min Movie ...
  • Rakshadhikari Baiju Oppu 2017 - Malayalam Movie in Abu Dhabi

    G Rakshadikari Baiju Oppu explores the story of a funny and good-hearted man Baiju, who is an irrigation department official and also a patron at the Brothers Club in Kumbalam. Starring: Hannah Reji Koshy, Alencier Ley Lopez, Biju Menon IMDB Rating: 7.9 Trailer: Director: Ranjan Pramod UAE Release Date: 18th May 17 Genres: Comedy, Drama Run ...
  • Kavi Uddheshichathu..? 2016 - Malayalam Movie in Abu Dhabi

    (G) Kavalam Jimmy and Vattathil Bosco are rivals from their school days and Minnal Simon always tries to benefit from this situation.Three of them have their own intentions and they back stab each other to attain their own aims. Starring: Asif Ali, Biju Menon, Narain IMDB Rating: 7.0 Trailor: Director: Liju Thomas Thomas UAE Release Date: ...
  • Anuraga Karikkin Vellam Malaylam 2016 movie released in Abu Dhabi

    Anuraga Karikkin Vellam Malaylam 2016 movie released in Abu Dhabi The life of a father and son and their life experience when son tries to breakup with his lover. Starring: Biju Menon, Asif Ali, Sreenath Bhasi IMDB Rating: 7.9 Trailer: Director: Khalid Rahman UAE Release Date: 25th Aug Genres: Comedy Run Time: 2h 8min Movie showtimes for”Anuraga Karikkin ...
  • Anarkali - Malayalam movie in Abu Dhabi

      Prithviraj plays Shanthanu a daring diving instructor who works in Kavaratti, Lakshadweep. Starring: Prithviraj Sukumaran, Miya George, Priyal Gor, Biju Menon, Samskruthy Shenoy IMDB Rating:  Language: Malayalam Trailer: Director: Rajeev Nair UAE Release Date: 03 Dec 2015 Genres:   Drama, Romance Run Time: NA Showtimes for Anarkali movie at Screens in Abu Dhabi: