• SBI NRI Housing loan - Documents Required

    Non resident Indians, more often than not, like to have a base in India – a home so to speak. But many hesitate from doing so because they believe that applying for a loan is a big hassle and the process is simply not worth it. Well, my friend, I beg to differ. Applying for ...
  • How NRI’s can apply for pan card in India?

    How NRI’s can apply for pan card in India? PAN Card is now Compulsory for NRIs, PIOs, OCI and Foreign Nationals.!! What is a NRI Pan Number (India TAX ID)? PAN Number is a ten-digit alphanumeric number that can be considered as a Indian TAX ID, which is issued in the form of a laminated ...
  • How to reduce capital gains tax when you sell property in India?

    If you are living outside of India as an NRI, and are looking to sell your property in India, there are some rules that go along with it. If you hold an immovable home in India that is not a farm or farm house that you got by inheriting it, it can be sold to ...
  • How NRI can get Indian Marriage Certificate?

    Have you fallen in love or just gotten an arranged marriage? If you are an NRI and are need of a marriage certificate, this article should come of use. Many Indians that were married in India will have a religious ceremony certificate given by a priest at the time of the wedding, but obtaining a ...
  • NRI's guide to buying property in India

    Now, there is such a thing as an NRI loan. The only difference between a normal loan and an NRI loan is that an NRI loan is provided to NRIs living outside of India. NRIs can apply for business and house loans in India. Many NRIs now-a-days are working to purchase property in India so ...
  • How to open a bank account in India from abroad

    For all those who are residing outside the borders of the India, opening an NRI bank account from outside of India is nowadays very easy and convenient. One can open and use an account of any bank in India. The efficiency of the internet banking over the last decade has made this venture possible. With ...
  • NRI Registration with UAE Embassy

    The Embassy of India Abu Dhabi has designed a comprehensive NRI Registration module. All Indians resident in UAE are advised to register themselves with the Embassy by filling in the requested details. Upon submission, a system generated user id and password will be sent to the email of the individual. With this user id and ...