• 1,500 caught driving over 200 kmph

    Abu Dhabi’s traffic court has convicted nearly 1500 motorists caught driving over 200 kmph on the emirate’s roads this year and is considering introducing tougher penalties. The offenders have had their cars seized for one month and ordered to pay heavy fines for driving in a reckless way that posed a threat to human life ...
  • After 77 deaths, Abu Dhabi Police may stop discounts on traffic fines

    Traffic fines and black points applicable for Abu Dhabi No Violation Fine Black Points In presence  / In Absents Vehicle confiscated / Days 1 Driving dangerously (racing). 2000 12 Both 30 2 Driving under the influence of alcohol, drugs or similar  substances. Decided  by court 24 Both 60 3 Driving a vehicle without number plates. ...